Blue Flower

I'm pleased to finally be a teacher. After so much hard work, I have accomplished my main life goal and it still feels like only last year when I actually did this 0ver 10 years ago. When you accomplish your passion, you never forget that moment. I still remember the struggling of staying up late to do my own work while in school as I studied for my career. I still remember the day when I finally earned the opportunity to walk across the stage and grabbed that piece of paper from the officials that presented it to me. After that, I applied for the job, had my interview and got called back that very day. Hired! Now I sit here at my desk roughly 5 minutes after my students have left my classroom. 

I am filled with joy everytime I approach the door of my classroom. A name tag attached to the door that reads in big capital letters "MICHELE FRAZIER" brings a smile to my face every day. My very own classroom. The thought of it blows me away when I take the time to put it into perspective and really think about it. My own classroom.

Being a teacher isn't always thrills. It can drive the anxiety of a person through the roof if you focus on that side of it. You as a teacher are in charge of the lives, safety and success of all these young, ambitious souls. I thought having my own children would be a handful handle; try having 20 of them!